New timetable concept at the Westerberg

Since 2 September, there have been some changes to the VOS timetable that may be relevant for your journey to the university. Here is a brief overview of the changes that could affect you:

  • Campus line 16 will be extended from the “Campus Westerberg” stop (Sedanplatz) in the direction of Eversburg/Büren. This means that the former line 11 becomes line 16 and continues to run from the city border as R16 (formerly R11) in the direction of Wersen/Westerkappeln. From Neumarkt, line 16 is routed via the main railway station in the direction of Schinkel – Gretesch and thus replaces the former line 11 in this section.
  • The route via Westerberg increases the journey time between Eversburg and Neumarkt by approx. 2-4 minutes, depending on the direction.
  • Line M2 continues to run every 10 minutes directly in the direction of the northern city centre and Neumarkt. This means that there are good transfer options between lines M2, 16 and 17 at Eversburger Platz or Campus Westerberg.
  • Line 16 remains on Natruper Straße from Campus Westerberg (Sedanplatz) in the direction of Eversburg. For the area of the Science Park, the existing footpath connections continue to provide good accessibility to the stops of lines M2, 16 and 17 in the area of Natruper Straße.

You can find more information about the timetable change on the page of the Verkehrsgemeinschaft Osnabrück: Timetable changes for 02 September 2021