Student Parliament

We are the Student Parliament (StuPa) and are the highest organization of the student body. We are the assembly of the elected representatives of the student body.

Events/ Meetings

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What we do:

We are the student parliament – you can also call us StuPa – and our job is to look after your interests and those of all your fellow students. We consist of 25 members and two chairpersons.

Our term of office is always one year. We are made up of students from Lingen and Osnabrück, so that the interests of all university locations are represented. The proportion of Osnabrückers and Lingeners in the StuPa is determined by you during the university elections.

During our meetings, which take place approximately every four weeks, we elect your direct representatives – the AStA officers – decide on the semester ticket and control the budget.

Would you like to take part in a meeting? Then get in touch at We look forward to seeing you!