Hello my friend. Here are a few basic-information for you. If you have any questions, contact us here: international@hochschulfreun.de.

Where can I use the Semesterticket?

You are allowed to use the regional rail roads of the DB-Regio-Niedersachsen including the S-Bahn of Hannover (except the tramway “ÜSTRA”), the Westfalenbahn and the Metronom as well as some routes of the Nordwestbahn and of the Erixx (Heidekreuz) with your Semesterticket.
You are not allowed to use the following train systems with your Semesterticket: ICE, IC, EC, Eurobahn and S-Bahn Hamburg. Furthermore, the public city transport systems in cities other than Osnabrück are not included in the Semesterticket.
If you study in Osnabrück, you can use the buses of the Stadtwerke Osnabrück (VOS) including the airport shuttle. Also the following buses of the transport community Münsterland are included: buses in the municipals Hörstel, Ibbenbüren, Lengerich, Lienen, Lotte, Mettingen, Recke, Tecklenburg and Westerkappeln.
As a student in Lingen you can use the buses of the transport system Emsland-Süd, the LiLi-Bus system and the buses 161 and 165 to the Grafschaft Bentheim. Students from Lingen can only use the buses 21 and 22 of the VOS in Osnabrück.
To make it simple and get a quick overview, just click on the transportation plan.

Am I allowed to take a person for free with me on the bus?

Yes, if you are a student in Osnabrück, you are allowed to take a person for free with you on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (00:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m.). However, this rule only applies for buses of the VOS. For students in Lingen this rule only applies for the buses 21 and 22.

I do not have a Campus Card yet. What can I do?

If you are in the Buddy-Program you can inform your Buddy and together you can contact the ServiceDesk. However, often your Campus Card is already ready to be picked up. Then you just have to arrange a date with the International Faculty Office.

University Sport

No worries, you do not need to live without sport while you are in Osnabrück. If you like to do some kind of sport in a team, be quick to register for a sport you like on this website. Your Buddy will surely assist you.
Or do you prefer to go to the gym? Then you can arrange a check-up meeting at the In-Move and – if everything is alright – train for free in the fitness gym of the Hochschule Osnabrück. You will receive further information on this website. Also, your buddy can assist you here as well.

What is “Gremienarbeit”?

This means committees work, which are mergers of students from the Hochschule who work together on different topics. The committees include councils and commissions. There is a lot of committees work at the Hochschule for example in the AStA or in the Studierendenparlament. In regularly meetings the members come together and try to take care of important matters concerning all students, like university political tasks. When participating at this kind of engagement, your social life at the Hochschule increases.

Campus Shop

Have you already found one of our Campus Shops? One can be found at the Caprivi Campus next to the Caprivi-Lounge. The second shop is at the Westerberg located across of the Mensa, directly next to the AStA Office. In Haste you also find a Shop next to the AStA Office and in Lingen the Campus Shop is located in the KH-building.
In the shops you find almost any material you need for your studies: Pens, papers, calculators and many more. If you miss something there, feel free to tell us.